Spot Forecast Request

 - This interface is intended to be used solely for the relay of forecast information to the National Weather Service. Submissions sent through this  online form are intended for internal agency use. We are required (by e-Gov Act of 2002) to explicitly state that submission of any information is voluntary.  For further information please read our Privacy Policy and Disclaimer.  False statements on this form may be subject to prosecution under the False Statement Accountability Act of  1996 (18 U.S.C. § 1001) or other statutes.

Incident and Decision Support Forecast Request

This site is the National Weather Service interface to requesting, filling, and monitoring spot forecasts issued by our Forecast Offices and National Centers.

Submit Spot Request
Interactive Request:
Request a spot forecast using an interactive map, with or without a Lat/Lon of the incident.
Monitor Spot Forecasts
Use this to monitor existing spot requests and forecasts.

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